Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time to leave college

I am here after so many days. Its all because many times I forgot that I even have an account over here...hehehe.... sometimes I felt lazy.... or when I felt like writing, there was no net. Now I am in 8th sem. This has been the coolest and longest semester in four years. Full of fun, enjoyment, excitement,entertainment... time waste in short. We all know that these will be the most memorable moments of our lives, in terms of masti(fun). Writing about what all happened this semester a very tedious job. 
The most important thing about this sem is the number of classes... specially for electrical dept. Seriously speaking... this branch rocks !!! Even the teachers feel lazy, so they lake less classes, and we .... offcourse don't even bother to attend those :) . My fiend is going to do MS... already got acceptance letter from his best choice of university. 
This time "RAGAM 09" the cult-fest was really awesome. First time in my life I could attend Shanker Mahadevan's live performance. Words are not worth enough to mention the excellence of his performance. Also there was Benny Dayal and Breathe Floyd. This year I took the college T-shirt without thinking about the quality etc. Just took it as its the last time.
One more thing.... I went to kodaikanal twice thsi yr... that also within one month. Once with a few friends... 2nd time with the entire electrical branch...(how can I miss it) .. lolz.

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Harshad said...

we have more than a month dude ;)

as u mentioned the past four years have been really great.... even activities like attending classes(at least in 2nd n 3rd years :P) and studying for exams seemed joyful!!